Welcome to Carbon Zero Bags

Welcome to Carbon Zero Bags

Technical Jargon

Bio Degradable

Is the direct result of chemical dissolution of materials by bacteria or other biological means. The term is often used in relation to ecology, waste management, biomedicine, and the natural environment and is now commonly associated with environmentally friendly products that are capable of decomposing back into natural elements. Organic material can be degraded aerobically with oxygen or anaerobically without oxygen.

Carbon Neutral Practice

Is the practice of reducing emissions through a carbon-saving project in order to balance out emissions from a given source. For example, through calculating the carbon dioxide emissions of car journey or an office, it is possible to 'offset' them by investing in a project that saves an equivalent amount of carbon such that the impact of the organisation is 'net zero'

Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person. Greenhouse gases can be emitted through transport, land clearance, and the production and consumption of food, fuels, manufactured goods, materials, wood, roads, buildings, and services

Eco Friendly

The Kyoto Protocol is a protocol the UNFCCC or FCCC aimed at fighting global warming. The UNFCCC is an international treaty with the goal of achieving the stabilization of greehouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.

Under the Protocol, 37 countries commit themselves to a reduction of four greenhouse gases (GHG) and two groups of gases produced by them, and all member countries gave general commitments. Annex I countries agreed to reduce their collective greenhouse gas emissions by 5.2% from the 1990 level. Emission limits do not include emissions by international aviation and shipping, but are in addition to the industrial gases, chloroflourocarbons, or CFCs, which are dealt with under the 1987 Montreal Protocol.