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Jute Material

Carbon Zero Bags production facility utilizes the latest technical advances in line production technology but also maintains a strong reliance on our workforce which numbers 200+ staff of hand workers who will combine their experience and skills to supply exactly your desired product.

We believe that in order to produce quality eco friendly 100% bio degradable bags this partnership between man and machine allows us to produce the best Carbon Zero Bags in the market with the smallest carbon footprint.

We guarantee 1st class production with constant attention given to quality control, research & development and packing departments all working together with the sole vision of providing a customised 100% bio degradable solution for your Carbon Zero Bag requirements.

All stages from cutting,stitching & printing are done under the one roof in an effort that provides consistent processes & quality required for our large volume output and envious reputation.

All production machinery from cutting, bending to sewing machines are state of the art equipment that allow for any idea to be made a reality.

Quality control inspections are conducted at all stages of production and enable us to live up to our reputation of accurate delivery schedules and meet the global demand of increasingly high standards for Carbon Zero environmentally sustainable products.