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What Is Calico

What is Calico?

Jute Material
  • 100% Bio Degradable Calico is a rough yet refined natural fabric made from cotton.
  • Calico is commonly used in shopping bags, soft furnishings, fashion, quilting, mining and food industries.
  • The name comes from the city of Calicut, in the Kerala region of India.

A Little History

  • Calico was originally made by the traditional weavers of Calicut called 'chaliyans.'
  • England banned the importation, wearing or use of the cloth from India in 1700. This was in an effort to support the English textile industry.
  • There was a ready market for the printed cloth among women at that time who were known as the Calico Madames.
  • In the end the ban could not be sustained. An attempt to impose it came in 1720 with the Calico Act but it was repealed in 1774.
  • The effects of this ban almost destroyed the Indian textile industry.
  • Today calico is the right choice for extensive 100% bio degradable consumer eco friendly requirements.
  • Our Carbon Zero factory can provide the fabric, design and craftsmanship required to achieve guaranteed satisfaction while investing in a totally Eco Friendly renewable raw material in cotton.